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Keynote Sessions

1. Multiple Scenarios of Culture: Dilemmas in the Inclusion and Exclusion of Symbolic Representations
Sonia Montecino (Chile) text
Moderator: Aadel Essaadani (Morocco)

2. Technologies for creative expression
Hayes Raffle (USA)
Moderator: Kerstin Brunnberg (Sweden)

3. Culture and context: the Maori experience. Honouring our past to develop our future
Karl Johnstone (New Zealand) ppt englishppt spanish 
Moderator: Magdalena Moreno (Chile)

Panel Sessions

1. Global changes, local changes, the role of arts and culture
Alejandro Aravena (Chile) ppt
Peter Bazalgette (England) text ppt
Mohamed El Sawy (Egypt)
Diane Haylock (Belize)
Moderator: Paulina Soto (Chile)

2. Culture – A millennium goal for sustainable development
Heraldo Muñoz (United Nations)
Alejandra de la Paz (México)
Mónica Guariglio (Argentina)
Frances Koya Vaka’uta (Fiji)
Moderator: Mike Van Graan (South Africa)

3. Creative platforms for re-thinking industry
Erica Elk (South Africa) ppt
Ángel Mestres (Spain) link
Manuel Obregón (Costa Rica)
Elisabeth Vaneveld (New Zealand) ppt
Moderator: Minna Sirnö (Finland)

Conversations with Ministers and authorities of culture

1. Responses to Critical Times

Massimo Bray (Italy)
Mabel Causarano (Paraguay)
Ana Magdalena Granadino (El Salvador)
José María Lasalle (Spain)
Moderator: Enrique Vargas (SEGIB)

2. Developing cultural policies for the future
Roberto Ampuero (Chile) Text
Šarūnas Birutis (Lithuania) Text
Moderator: Alan Davey (UK)

Parallel Sessions: Critical Times

1. Cultural heritage at risk: protection and reconstruction post-disaster
Pablo Allard (Chile)
Fernando Carrión (Ecuador) ppt
Christa Meindersma (Netherlands) ppt 
Moderator: Carlos Aldunate (Chile)

2. Artistic leadership in critical times
Jota Castro (Belgium/Peru)
Rachel Perkins (Australia)
Mahani Teave (Chile) ppt
Moderator: Cristóbal Bianchi (Chile)

3. Decentralization and models for local sustainable development
Justo Pastor Mellado (Chile) ppt text
Pedro Vasconcellos (Brazil)
Ana Zuvela (Croatia) text 
Moderator: Jorge Rojas (Chile)

4. Community leadership: models for active participation
Cecilia Heejeong Kim (Korea) ppt
Patricia Kistenmacher (Argentina) Text ppt
Marcus Hughes (Australia) ppt
Moderator: Patricia Arévalo (Chile)

5. New challenges for supporting arts and culture
Tony Grybowski (Australia) Text 
Teresa Lizaranzu(Spain)
Robert Sirman (Canada) Text
Moderator: Magdalena Aninat (Chile)

6. Multiple players: public and private support for the arts and culture
Alejo Campos (El Salvador)
Beatriz García (England) ppt
Kathy Lai (Singapore) ppt
Moderator: Todd Temkin (USA/Chile)

Parallel Sessions: Creative Spaces

7. Social innovation and development: creative platforms
Ammar Kessab (Algeria)
Hernán Lombardi (UCLG) Text ppt
María Caridad Mederos (Cuba) ppt
Graham Sheffield (UK) ppt
Moderator: Leonardo Ordóñez (Chile)

8. New formats of international exchange programs and
engagement with local contexts
Faith Liddell (Scotland) ppt
Rei Maeda (Japan) Text ppt 
Carmen Romero (Chile) Text
Jack Stanley (Canada) ppt
Moderator:Alejandra Wood (Chile)

9. Sustainable Cities: models for social-cultural integration
Nancy Duxbury (Portugal) ppt 
Stefan Hilterhaus (Germany)
Luis Miguel Usuga (Colombia) Text ppt
Marcus Westbury (Australia)
Moderator: Andrés Rodríguez (Chile)

10. Creative economy and the value of culture
Georgia Haddad Nicolau (Brazil) ppt
Avril Joffe (South Africa) ppt 
Arjo Klamer (Netherlands)
Bruce Seaman (USA) ppt
Moderator: Juan José Price (Chile)

11.Memory and reconstruction
Rawand Arqawi (Palestine) ppt 
Ricardo Brodsky (Chile) Text ppt
Silvia Fernández (USA) Text ppt
Carole Karemera (Rwanda)
Moderator: Bárbara Negrón (Chile)

12. Arts and education: new models and new audiences
Sonia Jaroslavsky (Argentina) ppt 
Sunil Iyengar (USA) ppt
Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto (Japan) ppt         
Moderator: Felipe Mella (Chile) 

13. New systems/ new models: the importance of networks
Juan Meliá (México) Text
Anupama Sekhar (India) ppt
Tarisi Vunidilo (Vanuatu) ppt
Moderator: Pablo Chiuminatto (Chile)

14. Creative spaces for experimentation
Antonio Altamirano (Chile) ppt
Deborah McCormik (New Zealand) ppt
Madani Younis (UK)
Moderator: Orlaith McBride (Ireland)

Wrap-up: Enrique Vargas/ General rapporteur

Moderator: Sarah Gardner (IFACCA)